The President’s Corner

Rory S. Brown President

(Pictured above) are 2 past Presidents of Local Lodge 2297 Theodore McNeal and Wilbert Woods. There are no other past Presidents who are still living and they span a period of time covering more than 20 years of the Lodges’ 54 year history. Also in the photo is the current President, Rory S. Brown, who became the President on March 1, 2021. Seated at the table with these warriors are Southern Territory General Vice President Rickey Wallace and IAMAW International President, Robert Martinez, Jr.

Observe The Brother At Your Side… And if he won’t fight

he ain’t a Machinist

Observe The Sister At Your Side… And if she won’t fight

she ain’t a Machinist

Observe The Leader At Your Side… And if They won’t fight

they ain’t Machinist…

Observe The Man In The Mirror… And if you won’t fight

you ain’t a Machinist