Thanksgiving, Just One Of The Stories

Thanksgiving Day History

Though there are different stories regarding first Thanksgiving Day feast, some researchers show that the first autumn of the pilgrim which gives the first crop to them was the 28th September, and some say that was in between September to November.

When the day was considered to be the National Holiday that was the second Thursday of the November, later on, it was changed to 4th Thursday, due to some reasons. The families can buy things when they got salaries at the end of the month. On the second Thursday, there are lesser hopes to save the entire salary, so the 4th Thursday was the ideal way to put a national holiday.

There were some pilgrims who were in search for a place to live according to their religious beliefs and thoughts and in England they were finding some hurdles to obey the religious beliefs. They took a ship from England Plymouth Rock.

There were 4 masted ships, the width of the ship was 25 feet and length was about 90-110 feet, weight about 180 gross tons. There were 3 decks of the ship, the upper deck for cooking facilities, the lower deck for Crew sleeping beds and quarters and cargo deck for supply.

The Mayflower ship was built to supply goods and other supplies not for the people.

But, on September 6, 1620, the number of 102 passengers and 26 crew members left the Plymouth England in search for the new world to obey the holy customs and rules of the religion.

In that 102 number, there were 51 men, 21 boys, and 20 women and 10 girls. The oldest passenger was 64 years old and one baby also born on the board.

The passengers were originally headed for the Hudson River near Plymouth.

They were headed for the Hudson River, today’s New York City, there were storms in the way, and frequent storms made their journey difficult and their ship dropped the anchor on November 11.

This journey took 66 days and 2750 miles were distanced, and they spend the first winder on their ship and while they built their homes there.

Later on, the pilgrims settled in Plymouth Harbor, only 53 passengers out 102 and 12 crew out of 26 survive the first winter. When the weather was improved and they established the Plymouth to a beautiful colony. On April 1621 the Mayflower sailed back to England.

They grew to 3000 people in just some years and now the millions of the people are the resident of that society.

The pilgrim then sews the sands and when the crop was near to harvest, the invited local to enjoy the feast that feast continues to 3 days. In the remembrance of those Pilgrims, that day is called as Thanksgiving Day.

Though there is plenty of misinformation regarding Thanksgiving Day. Like, there is all false story, the day in starting, when Washington declared it as a national Holiday, there was nothing about pilgrims and the feast with Wampanoag Indians. That was declared as a national holiday to Thanks, those who made this Nation world’ leading nation, and for cheering up with family to sit together and enjoy. The meaning of the day was to gather the entire nation at one place when there are religious thoughts, Christian would love to Celebrate Christmas, and Muslims will Eid and Sikhs with their beliefs and Hindus with their own beliefs. To put the entire nation on one platform there should have been one thing that can make them one nation. The idea was good, but later on, the false story becomes the real and connected to the Wampanoag Indian feast with the pilgrims who migrated from England to New York in search of the New World.

There is one head of the story; the other head the majority of the people believe is what we know about that.

So, whatever the story, this day gather the entire family to sit around a table to enjoy the family meal, to enjoy the best foods and delicious dishes. I myself find this occasion one of the best occasion of my childhood memories, like the impact of sitting the entire family always put a great on a child.

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