“Smoke Nation” Social Media Group

Welcome…. We hope you find our history and our member’s activities to be interesting and enlightening. Throughout this website you will find photos of our members, officers, representatives  and leaders of our Union as they go about the work of Unionism both on and off the job. In addition to this webpage lodge members who often practiced a tradition of group smoking after the monthly lodge meetings through the page administrator created a social media page to allow folks with a love and passion for a good cigar to share info about themselves, their families, their hobbies and where you might get a great cigar.

Local 2297’s current President, Rory Brown. is the administrator and original founder of “Smoke Nation“, a Facebook social media group page that has grown by leaps and bounds over the past six to eight years. Although the first initial members were our brothers and sisters in union, the page is open to the public and many of the group members are not in fact union members but they are folks that simply enjoy the experience of smoking a fine cigar. Click on the Smoke Nation link below to get to the page or join the group.

Smoke Nation!!!Smoke Nation!!!Smoke Nation!!!