Organizing Is Job One

Thanks, I sincerely hope you’ll be hitting the “Join IAM” button. You have taken the first step in forging a better life for yourself and your family. Please fill out the form you may link to found  below. Within a few days, an IAM representative will call you at home. He or she will answer your questions and explain how you can join the nearly 600,000 IAM members in the United States and Canada who have won higher wages and better benefits as IAM members. Their victories – better pay, job security and fairer treatment on the job – took courage. Standing up for what’s right always does. You have showed courage today. Now, take the next step toward a better life. 

Robert Martinez, Jr.
International President

Organizing For Power

Joining the IAM means having a real say on the job. Union members typically enjoy higher pay,  better benefits, job security, and safer workplaces. That is why over 600,000 North Americans have joined the IAM in many different industries. Our organizing team fights tirelessly to maintain our winning record in improving the lives of workers.

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