All monthly meetings as indicated in the 2297 bylaws shall occur on the 3rd Monday of each month. Whenever any 3rd Monday falls on a Federal holiday the meeting for that month will be moved to the 4th Monday and Notification shall be made to the members in advance.

Monthly Meeting Notification

Union Meeting January 2022

Due to the practice of social distancing that is necessitated because we know it saves lives and slows the spread of one of the most deadliest virus thus-far in our lives as citizens of the U.S. and occupants of planet earth, several of our meetings have not and may not be held at the normal intervals as has been in the past years and months. Whenever we determine that appropriate safety measures can be put in place to minimize the possibility of transfer of the Corona Virus from one member to another we may elect to conduct a lodge meeting only if urgent matters must be dealt with. The safety and health of our members and officers is always our number (1) consideration. If you believe it is unsafe or inadvisable for you to attend our meetings you are free to remain at home. Only you should make such a choice.