Lodge President Proclaims Margaret D. Hensley “A Legend”

Brother & Sisters of Local Lodge 2297 it is with deep sadness that I communicate the loss of one of our member Sister Margaret Hensley who passed away on 27 October 2019 at 4:30 a.m. Words cannot express what she meant to me as President and to so many of our officers and members.

Please allow me to share with everyone Margaret’s journey with LL2297.

Her dedicated service consisted of the following roles:

  1. Shop Steward – Shops Committee
  2. Alternate Chief Steward – Shops Committee
  3. Women’s Committee Member
  4. Audit Committee Member
  5. Dues Committee Member
  6. Events Committee Member

As a member of the Women’s Committee Margaret’s accomplishments have brought about positive results for women workers at FRC East. She was the spokesperson that drove home the urgent need for nursing mothers to have a clean private place to lactate while preparing nourishment for newborn children. As a result of her efforts nursing centers were stagnated around the FRCE facility to help new mothers.

Shop Steward – As a Steward she represented people and fought for the rights of all the people she represented. Her knowledge and transparency are what the people respected.

Alternate Chief Steward – Margaret was one of the only female stewards that was appointed by the President of LL2297 to be the alternate Chief Steward. She was selected based on her compassion, strength to represent the people at FRC East. She honored and respected her position and gave it her all to ensure the people were properly represented. 

Women’s Committee – Margaret gathered women together to empower them to feel free to have the freedom of to speak out about the many challenges women face who work in a predominately male environment. She acted as a mediator for those who wanted the employer to know the challenges that women face and was there  to listen, help and assist them in delivering their messages in regards to how women at FRC East felt about such conditions.

Audit Committee – Margaret.s role was to be part of the checks and balances to ensure everything was accounted for when bi-annual audits were conducted for LL2297. Her feedback and recommendations were documented to ensure compliance.

Dues Committee – Margaret’s input and recommendation to increase or to keep the dues at the current rate in order to operate at full capacity was shared among the people. She never hesitated to voice her personal or professional opinion and those of the members.

Volunteer Work – Margaret volunteered in her spare time to distribute handmade lanyards for people at FRC East to wear for a modest donation and the proceeds raised through her efforts were given to the community, the women’s shelter or area children in need. She was the founder of “Operation Right On” and help with hurricane relief, bought goods for the Women’s Shelter of NC, and help support the children in need of school supplies.

To sum up everything we all were aware that Margaret developed a health condition and we all worked to keep her in a positive light, on days when her health condition became overwhelming and more difficult for her to handle she turned to the lodge to turn on the computer where she gain her main source of strength from looking at her children and especially her grandchildren. She never stopped, giving advice over the phone and representing the people. The bottom line she never stopped fighting the good fight for IAM Local Lodge 2297. She is an example of what a Union Representative is she was certainly a strong and courageous woman. Through pain and discomfort, she placed her health on hold to help do what is right by the people.

“Margaret was truly a legend”. She will never be forgotten, and will always be a representative for LL2297 even in passing. Rest in peace my sister and may God watch over your family during this time of sorrow.

In Solidarity

Wilbert Woods, President

Local Lodge 2297










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