IAM District Lodge 110

Six Local Lodges are affiliated with District Lodge 110 with its’ business office located in Havelock, North Carolina. They are LL350, LL757, LL1859, LL2296, LL2297 and LL2924. The District has a staff of 2 persons, a Directing Business Representative and an Office Manager.

The District 110 Lodge Officers are elected from the Delegates every 3 years who are elected by Local lodge members and sent to express the views and protect the interest of their Lodge and its’ members. Each Lodge paying per capita to the district is entitled to have 5 Delegates who may enter into discussions and make and vote on motions regarding the business of the District Lodge as well as expenditures of funds.

On March 10, 2018 a few of the members from all Lodges affiliated with the district came together to have breakfast and celebrate the 50th anniversary. The District was officially chartered on March 1, 1968.

View more pictures of this occasion by clicking here!

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