From A Week To A Month-Acknowledging Black American Contributions And Achievements

The Communications Team continues to provide our members with information and facts that will expand the knowledge of both the past and current struggles that both created the Labor Movement in this nation and provides the answers to why we must protect and grow the movement today and beyond. Diversity is our greatest asset and we believe that many of our people regardless of how they got here assisted greatly to our nations greatness and the more we know about their participation the better the appreciation for their co-existence. We truly believe that “Worker’s Rights are Human Rights and Human Rights are Worker’s Rights”, therefore we must respect and learn to love one another if we are to succeed in our quest for “Justice On The Job”. The links to the previous post on this website below represent some of the history of African Americans that you may are may not be familiar with. Our Team continues to explore and gain knowledge that will keep you informed. This is why we call our communications, “PlaneTalk“.

  • The Influence And Hardly Reported Contributions By Blacks Toward American Greatness
  • African-Americans And Their History In The U.S. Acknowledged Throughout February
  • Blacks, The Struggle, Their Contribution To Our Labor Movement
  • Black History Month-Military Contributions
  • 2297 Members At FRC East Part Of Historical Moment Celebrating Black History Month
  • Black History Month – Marines In Southeastern, North Carolina

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