FEDS Rally To Protest Shutdown 2019

Rally With Labor!

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NFFE is organizing and co-chairing a federal workers rally scheduled for Thursday, January 10th to protest the continuing shutdown and resulting furloughs that are financially hurting over a half million federal employees and families.  The rally will begin at noon at AFL-CIO headquarters at 815 16th Street NW, Washington D.C. and will continue with a brief march to the White House after keynote speakers.  More information will follow.  Mark your calendars and come down to have your voice heard!

Meanwhile Back In North Carolina The Rallying Continues

On Friday, January 11, 2019 members of AFGE local 2065 held a rally in downtown Raleigh, North Carolina in front of the Federal Building on New Bern Street. They were joined by several other union and constituency group members as they marched and chanted to hopefully send a message to Republican U.S. N.C. Senator Thom Tillis to put the bill passed by the Democratically controlled House of Representatives that would re-open the government to the floor for a vote NOW!!!!.  Senator Tillis is up for re-election in 2020 and this ridiculous behavior by his party may be enough to gather enough votes in North Carolina to vote him out. The members protesting are feeling real financial pain as they try to figure out a way to survive until this action by President Trump is over. The last four photos above were taken on January 25, 2019 as workers once again meet to hold a press conference in support of ending the shutdown and paying the workers all of their lost wages and benefits. A strong demand to end this tactic of shutting down the government at the expense of dedicated federal workers was voiced loud and clear. 

IAM members, Directing Business Representative of IAM District 110 out of Havelock in Eastern North Carolina, Anthony Cruz and District Lodge 110 President, Theodore “Teddy” McNeal join the AFGE local 2065 members as they hold a rally in downtown Raleigh to urge Congress to “End the Shutdown Now”.

The pictures below show the support that comes from true unionist in varying positions throughout labor. The IAM requires all lodges to affiliate with the state federations in the state where they reside. The IAM and the AFGE at the National level are member affiliates of the parent organization, the AFL-CIO. Pictured are Issac Gobern who is a field representative from the AFL-CIO assisting the State AFL-CIO in North Carolina with their Political and Organizing programs, Adam Orlovich who is the Political Director for various AFGE locals within his region of responsibility, Anthony Cruz who is a Business Agent for District 110 who services several IAM locals in North Carolina and South Carolina and Teddy McNeal who serves as President of District Lodge 110, President of the North Carolina State Council of Machinist with it’s primary focus being politics and organizing in North Carolina and also Vice President representing along with IAM member Charlie Hines the interest of all North Carolina Machinist on the Executive Board of the North Carolina State AFL-CIO.

As long as the Trump administration continues the irresponsible demands for 5.7 billion for a Wall along the Mexican boarder and refuses to open the government and allow federal workers to get back to work and receive their much deserved pay, Union leaders, Activist and disenfranchised government workers will continue to hold rallies and protest in the streets and in front of Representatives offices demanding an end to this unnecessary Shutdown that is imposing arduous financial and emotional harm to the workers who just want to do their jobs. Shame on these heartless politicians who constantly use the federal workers as pawns in their political games.


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