Entering Zone 110 – Warning – Danger – Ahead

In calendar year 2020, Local Lodge 2297’s relationship with IAM District Lodge 110 will end, and we will embark on a new journey filled with unknowns but with a spirit of determination to advance the cause of unionism as we step up our efforts to organize the unorganized and fight for “Justice on the Job” for workers within our jurisdiction across North and South Carolina.

We shall succeed in this quest as an IAM Local affiliated with the not yet but soon to be chartered District Lodge 2020, a District that encompasses the Mid-Atlantic states of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina. We will work to achieve successes in regards to our organizing efforts within Zone 110 both externally and internally. It’s very clear to us at Local 2297 that we MUST grow our membership.

As we move ever closer to 2020 we issue this warning to current employers that have existing Collective Bargaining Agreements with us. The economy, according to our current U.S. President is stronger than it has ever been in the history of our nation, so we will seek higher wages and better benefits for all workers we represent. We will also seek out workers that wish to be represented by the IAM. That means we will engage in a massive organizing effort like never before. Workers want to join a union and we will assist them proudly toward that end.

And finally, as an affiliate Lodge in Zone 110 of District Lodge 2020, we warn ALL employers that they are now in a “Danger Zone”. The highways and byways will require that you stay alert. We WILL hit our targets and meet our goals. We are after all, the “FIGHTING MACHINIST”.

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