Building An Organization Of Leaders AFLCIONC

On June 7, 2019 the North Carolina State AFL-CIO met to number 1, hold the quarterly Executive Board meeting and number 2 to continue a process of self-development and improvement that ultimately will increase the value of each Affiliate Vice President and Officer of the organization. The evolution of this process began in March of 2018 where all E-Board members, the President/Secretary Treasurer, Staff members, Legal advisers and constituency group representatives came together at a retreat assisted by a facilitator, Mr. Joe Alverez and brainstormed to create the most effective labor group North Carolina has ever had. The leaders set goals both short and long term and went to work to meet them. The members also agreed that this inclusive leadership would be subject to periodic review and would be a continuous process. On June 7, 2019 another phase of the plan was put into effect by inviting the Central Labor Council leaders to the Teamster Union Hall in Raleigh so that they could become a part of one of the goals which involves empowering leaders at every level within the State Federation and eventually all affiliate leaders will be asked to step up to help make these goals.

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