A Closer Look At Your Dues $$$

In Local Lodge 2297 a “Dues Committee” is appointed by the Local Lodge President. The committee is populated with members from various trade backgrounds and salary ranges and their job is to make recommendations to the membership as to what the monthly dues for each member will be for the following twelve month period beginning January 1st of each calendar year.

The IAM constitution gives the lodge criteria for the minimum dues amount but the Dues Committee has to consider the financial condition of the lodge and then determine an appropriate amount of resources to flow back into lodge accounts after all per capita is paid to successfully conduct business for that calendar year.

They make such recommendations at the September regularly scheduled monthly meeting and “Notices of Dues Discussions” are publicized to the membership well in advance of such discussions. The 2019 discussion on dues was delayed due to medical problems encountered by the President and Secretary-Treasurer was discussed and at the December 2019 meeting .

At the monthly meeting on December 16, 2019 the recommendation from the “Dues Committee” was leave the dues at the current 2018 rate. Therefore beginning the first full pay period of January 2020 the bi-weekly dues shall remain at $29.50.

The video below courtesy of goiam.org explains the breakdown of how your dues money is used.

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