2297 Member Speaks Truth 10 Years Ago But “This Truth” Is Still The Same Today

It’s been 10 or more years since the debate began and “We Still Haven’t Fixed Health Care In America”

A lot of people wonder why unions are involved in politics. After all, people have varying opinions on most issues, but the one thing that is for sure, we all will eventually need some sort of health care at some point in our lives so we need to be proactive if we really care about our ourselves, our family and fellow brothers and sisters and their families in this country.

We all want safe work environments and we all want access to affordable housing and quality education. Unions play a vital and necessary role when to comes to advocating for such matters and that’s why organized labor and your union is involved in politics.

WebSteward, Theodore “Teddy” McNeal shares his thoughts via a NC AFL-CIO prepared video 10 years ago about the need for accessibility to quality affordable health care in 2009 prior to the passage of the Affordable Care Act. Theodore, at the time, was a federal employee working at the Fleet Readiness Center East aboard MCAS Cherry Point, NC and obtained his health insurance of choosing via the Federal Employees Health Benefit Plan which was available to every government employee then and is still an option to federal workers today 2019.

We need a healthcare system in this country right now that is accessible and affordable to every citizen. In 2020 healthcare and how to make it available to all will be surely on the ballot. Only the people through their action on that first Tuesday in November of 2020 can make it happen. It will be up to the voters to select legislators and a President that can deliver the health care that is so desperately needed by us all.

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